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Milesight NVR - corrupted filesystem caused many problems and crashed the device


Very strange things happened with my UI-1009-PA NVR during the past week. It started by occasional crashes and rebootings. Later I found that the video frame rate didn't stay constant and varied between 2...11 fps and there were dropped frames in two important recorded events. (I had set the rate and exposure so that it shoud stay at constant 5 fps). During the weekend there was increasing delays in opening the timeline and finally the NVR did not play the recordings. The earlier occasional nuisance of the fan noise became continuous even from a cold start at this phase.

I decided to try first reformatting the HDD after seeing this kind of error messages in the log:
[1700==func:record_vid_cache_write file:MFrecord.c line:1331]==chn[7] ps cover failed!
This seems to have recovered the functionality at the cost of lost recordings.
The Status/Camera Status/Channel Status display still shows occasional variation in frame rate but the situation has improved

Has anyone seen anything similar? I am using the latest firmware that uses the new filesystem. The HDD was upgraded to a 3TB WD Purple in December.

There has been too long waiting since the previous firmware upgrade. This experience with the lack of software robustness is again another addition to the waiting of the improvements. The most urgent improvement would be getting rid of the web browser plugins and playing with old browser versions.


Staff member
We have chased again this week for new firmware updates, and have been told to expect these at the end of this month.
Agreed, the improvements from Milesight have been far too slow in arriving :(
I hope that when we do receive the latest versions they actually deliver improvements.