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MacOS Milesight Release New Version of Smart Tools for Mac (v2.4.0.1-r2)


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A few weeks ago Milesight released a new version of Smart Tools for Mac users, upon first installing it we noticed a number of minor problems so we didn't initially share its release with you the forum users. After a few weeks back and forth between us and Milesight trying to fix these initial problems we now have a version of the software we are happy to share with the public.


You Can find the software in the usual place on Milesight's Download page, if you are one of the few users that may have installed this Mac version of Smart Tools when it was first released then please either go to the about popup by clicking the settings cog in the top right of the window and click 'Check for Updates' (see below) or uninstall the older version and go to the above download page to download the v2.4.0.1-r2 or above.


We have tested this latest version (v2.4.0.1-r2) on 2 different Macs, one running Mojave 10.14.4 and another running Sierra 10.12.6 and the Tool works fine on both.​
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