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Milestone has developed a range of add-on software products for users to increase functionality and create a complete surveillance solution. As the title suggests these add-on products are to be installed alongside existing Milestone VMS products and cannot be used as standalone products.

Screen Recorder

This add-on product is compatible with XProtect VMS and Husky NVRs and enables users to capture screen recordings of any Microsoft Windows-based PC or point-of-sale (POS) terminal.

Key Features:
  • Monitor non-intrusively: recordings are not visible to the user of the monitored computer.
  • Handle screen recordings like video data: streams captured by Screen Recorder are handled in the same way as a camera stream and can be viewed live, recorded and played back. Video streams are easily bookmarked and exported.
  • Record multiple screens: freely select a recording of any single screen when monitoring computers with multiple screens. A combined recording of all screens connected to a monitored computer can be selected providing users with a simple overview.
Screen recorder can be used for staff management and training to ensure maximum productivity and for transaction monitoring to audit staff activities and verify transactions and maintain any account of fraudulent activities.


This add-on makes it possible for users to integrate access control into your software. XProtect Access, video-enables physical security in all aspects of assessing, tracking, assisting and investigating attempts to gain access to a physical area. From one centralised interface users can manage both video cameras and access control system.

Key Features:
  • Monitor access: track passage by viewing events and related video for specific access points and get real-time alarms if abnormal situations occur.
  • Assist people requesting access: get access request notifications instantly, with corresponding video and cardholder information. This allows immediate visual validation of people requesting access. . The integrated two-way audio function controls doors and gates, helping the operator quickly detect, validate and act on access events within a single user interface.
  • Investigate and document: access events, related video and cards with the dedicated Access Control tab in the XProtect Smart Client. Powerful search functions make it easy to list all passages made by a specific card holder, or any passages through a specific door. You can instantly generate a PDF report based on your search, including video thumbnails and all related cardholder details.
This add-on works with all the Milestone XProtect VMS products. Users will need both the Access Base License to unlock all the add-on’s functions alongside the Door License to enable a single physical door.


XProtect LPR is an add-on product that reads license plate information from vehicles and links this information with video. This add-on can be used in a wide range of application areas including; access control, theft prevention, loyalty programs, toll road and boarder control.

Key Features:
  • Capture live images: LPR is compatible with all cameras supported by Milestone.
  • Monitor and track video: with Milestone’s broad camera support and multi-lane detection, XProtect LPR provides operators with an integral view of the license plate information and related video in real-time.
  • Investigate and document: The LPR tab in the XProtect Smart Client provides extensive search capability, making it easy to list recognised license plates, related video and possible match list information. You can generate LPR reports with license plate information, get video thumbnails of associated video and see license plate close-up images.
XProtect LPR can be used in a number of different environments such as;
  • In petrol stations to ensure customers aren’t driving away without paying and negative lists can be used to automatically close a pump if a blacklisted vehicle is detected.
  • To manage parking by reducing costs and time associated with managing parking subscriptions. XProtect LPR can automatically open a parking gate when a permitted license plate is identified.
  • To regulate access LPR can automatically control access to protected areas and premises. The software has flexible user defined match lists make it easy to add license plates belonging to visitors, temporary personnel and delivery vehicles.
  • To gather evidence, this software can be as a powerful tool for law enforcement agencies when trying to track down a vehicle of interest. When a vehicle passes by a camera with XProtect LPR it will be registered in the system. Using XProtect LPR’s reporting functionality; law enforcement officials can create a report showing all of the movements of a particular vehicle within a specified timeframe. The report includes a video thumbnail of the recognized vehicle, a close-up of the license plate and details about the detection time.
To have the full LPR system up and running you require a Base License, Country Modules (which unlocks full LPR capability) added to this you’ll need a Camera License per camera stream. The base license includes 5 country modules.


Is an add-on product that video enables different types of transaction-based processes and is often used in retail, transport, banking and finance to reduce and investigate shrinkage and fraud.

Key Features:

  • Easy data acquisition and video correlation: Connect any POS or other system via TCP IP and Serial Port integration and get the full value of a flexible video and data correlation.
  • Real-time monitoring and exception handling: Monitor transactions and video from one or multiple sources across multiple stores in real-time. Receive instant notifications about abnormal transactions, with full access to transaction data and related video.
  • Investigate and document: Powerful search functions help locate and investigate specific transaction types. Pursue fraudulent cases with the aid of rich video documentation with transaction details.
Video enabling transactions enables users to investigate suspected fraudulent activity, address product shrinkage and document shipments and track parcels. To enable the full functions of XProtect Transact users need both the Base Server and Connection License. The base server comes with 1 connection license included.


XProtect Retail video enables store operations where business transactions are linked with video captured during the transactions. It can be used to minimize shrinkage, improve operational efficiency and training of personnel. Integrate with ERP and POS systems for a rich set of reporting and analysis functions.

Key Features:
  • Predefined queries: aggregate analysis of individual stores, cashiers and transactions.
  • Connects to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems: It can be used to minimize shrinkage, improve operational efficiency and training of personnel. Integrate with ERP and POS systems for a rich set of reporting and analysis functions.
  • Dynamic till/camera association: Supports consistent analysis of non-statically positioned or temporary tills.
All you need to get this up and running is your XProtect VMS together with a Retail Connection License and Retail Server License.

Smart Wall

XProtect Smart Wall improves response times by giving users a complete overview of large surveillance centres. This is integrated with XProtect Smart Client making it easy for operators to use it to manage large installations.

Key Features:
  • Early incident detection and location: Black-screen monitoring and automatic display of relevant content on the XProtect Smart Wall helps control room personnel focus on what’s critical.
  • Improve decision making: Instantly display situation-related information on the XProtect Smart Wall, such as maps, alarms and events.
  • Coordinate action response: This is a collaborative canvas where control room personnel can share cameras, still images, and looped video sequences with simple drag and drop functions.
Smart Wall is included with XProtect Corporate, and can be purchased for XProtect Expert, Husky M500 and M550 Advanced. It runs on standard hardware, making companies able to freely re-use existing hardware or choose the hardware that suits their budget. The support for hardware accelerated video decoding reduces the cost of hardware even further, lowering the size of investment needed for a complete video wall overview.

Compatibility Table

XProtect Add-on
XProtect Essential+
XProtect Express and Professional Series
XProtect Corporate and Expert
XProtect Screen Recorder
XProtect Access
XProtect LPR
XProtect Transact
XProtect Retail
XProtect Smart Wall*
*XProtect Smart Wall is not available for M20 and M50, and is included with XProtect Corporate and optional for XProtect Expert for Husky M500 and M550.*