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Motion detect does not work when on a Path, Auto Track needs to work on Smart Alarms


New Member
With my PTZ bullet cam I never get motion alarms or any smart alarms when the camera is patrolling along a path (Or patterns though I have stopped using them as they cannot be recorded accurately enough).
I have to leave the camera on a preset in order to get motion alarms - while I can understand that it might be difficult to sense motion while the camera is moving, I would expect it to sense motion while resting at one of the presets in the path.
I need Auto-Track to work for smart alarms as I cannot use the basic motion detection due to a hedge which triggers the alarm when there is any wind (advanced motion detect solves this).

I would also mention Pattern recording is useless - I can press left 10 times and right 10 times and the camera will not be back at it's start point.
A far better solution would be enhance Paths to create patterns, mainly by allowing a rest time down to 0 seconds - combined with motion speed this would produce an accurate pattern.