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Need to buy a CCTV camera that records continuosly.....PLEASE HELP


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Hi. I bought a Ring Stick up camera a few weeks ago to protect our home from a certain individual. Low and behold this individual came to my house the other day and kicked off and we had to phone the police. I then checked my Ring app to to see the footage and I was very disappointed to find that the Ring battery operated camera only records 20 seconds of footage at a time therefore I have very little footage to show the police. A guy had the same issue as me and it was confirmed by Ring Support that they are looking to correct this issue but currently that is the longest a "motion clip" can be recorded at one time. A refund by Ring is in progress. Can anyone recommend a camera that will record continuously, or at least capture all motion, and also ideally, a wireless camera, as my router is quite a distance away from where the camera will be situated. My budget is approx £100. I have read some camera reviews that I will need a DVR to go with it? What does that mean? If any experts could give me some guidance i would be very much appreciated


A DVR or NVR (Network Video Recorder) is the box that houses the hard drive and where all your cameras go back to. The cameras are also powered from the NVR via POE. (Power over Ethernet)
So you could have a camera on your house with Ethernet cable going back to the NVR. This could be anywhere in your house.
You then have another Ethernet cable that goes from the NVR to your router so it can talk to the outside world and you get your notificications to your phone.

The hard drive in the NVR is normally set to record 24/7 so you can always go back and check on something.
Obviously depends on the size of the harddrive and number of cameras but you should be able to get a weeks recording easily.