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New CCTV Camera : Did I fry it?


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Yes. That's the question. Dropped a clanger. Knocked up a short piece of CAT5 and baluns to test the camera at the DVR before climbing a ladder. I messed up. Got the wires crossed in the power connectors. Noticed smoke inside the camera and powered off immediately. Baluns were roasted too. Is it fried you reckon? I made another cable/baluns and plugged the camera in again but no picture. The video output voltage is given a 1 volt. I only measure 0.83 volts at the coax connector. Is that significant? The reason I wanted to test it at the DVR first was because I was not absolutely certain that the camera was compatible with the old one in terms of video output. There are two dip switches giving HD CVI, Analogue, AHD and HD TVI. So I knew that would be a hurdle anyway. So what do you think? The DVR video spec is given as :

1-ch PAL/NTSC, BNC (1.0VP- P, 75Ω) composite video signal output.
1-ch VGA output.
Support TV/VGA/HDMI video output at the same time.
PAL (625 line, 50f/s), NTSC (525 line, 60f/s)

The camera video output is given as

Image Sensor: 1/2.7” 1080P Full HD digital image sensor
Signal System: PAL/NTSC
Video Output: CVBS
NTSC:1/60 - 1/100,000 sec

Anything else I need to look at here?

Thanks for your time.