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NEW Milesight NVR Firmware (7x.9.0.2) Introduces Support for VCA Functions


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Milesight have just this week released a new NVR firmware, 7x.9.0.2 introduces support for VCA functions which means that you can now control the VCA/Smart Event settings of your Milesight cameras from the NVR.

You can read a little bit more about this new feature here


IMPORTANT: Before updating to 7x.9.0.2 you will need to make sure your NVR has been updated to the new file system (firmware version 7x.8.45.7), so:
1. If the NVR is on a firmware version older than 7X.8.45.7 - you will have to upgrade to 7X.8.45.7 first and then upgrade to 7X.9.0.2 (or above in future), after you update it will display in the NVR settings as version 7X.9.45.2 instead of 9.0.2 this is just to signify that it is firmware for our UI- model NVRs

2. If the NVR is already on firmware version 7X.8.45.7 - you can just upgrade straight to 7x.9.0.2 (or above in future), after you update the firmware will display in the settings as 7X.9.45.2 as mentioned above

If you need to update to the new file system you can find the 7x.8.45.7 firmware to do that here

Once you have updated to the new file system you can find the new 7x.9.0.2 firmware at Milesight's download page - 5032, all 7000 series and all 8000 series NVRs - 1009 and 5016 NVRs
You may also notice on the download page that there is a new r14 camera firmware, the new VCA update is compatible with the cameras, NVR, and CMS so for the cameras and NVR or cameras and CMS to work together and give you control of the VCA features they all have to be on below firmware versions (or above in future):
Camera: 4X.7.0.67-r14
NVR: 7X.9.0.2