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NVR Access over 4G


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I have the following a UI-1009-PA and 2 x UI-5D63-PCV.

Generally speaking, I'm really happy with the picture quality of the cameras and the NVR is really a means to an end. I have been trying (and failing) for ages to make my installation work at all over mobile data. I have not issues at all connecting over my home wifi and in fact no issues connected via wifi elsewhere. As soon as I try to connect to the NVR over 4G it sits connecting forever.
I've tried a number of things to resolve this including dialling the resolution fo the cameras right down in case it's a bandwith issue, but this doesnt seem to have made any difference.
I know it's not a firewall / router issue as I can connect offiste (via wifi)

Has anybody else had this issue and found a way to resolve it?

In my ideal work I would turn on VCA on the cameras, enable human detection and have that push out to my mobile, but these other issues are stopping me. Any help or suggestions, most appreciated.



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T‌his recent email from Milesight may hep


Waiting for so long, but still can’t see anything?
Or just stuck in few frames,
could not see a fluent recorded view?

Sometimes the problems caused by poor internet connection in remote playback will really drive you crazy!
To solve these problems, Milesight unveils Transcoding for NVR models end in H and Dual Stream Recording for NVR models end in T, helping the remote playback quicker and more fluent through M-Sight Pro and NVR web page.

(For Milesight NVR models end in H)
Transcoding could be set at M-Sight Pro or NVR web page to transcode the recorded stream into a smaller one, aiming to reduce the network load and provide better playback performance. For example, when M-Sight Pro under a poor internet connection, it could play successfully in a flash by transcoding, other than fail to play the view. So transcoding is recommended to turn on before playing the view, if under a poor internet connection.

Dual Stream Recording
(For Milesight NVR models end in T)
Enable to record in Primary+Secondary Stream. In that way, you can get a quick and smooth playback just in a second with Secondary Stream for the remote viewing need and primary stream for local playback.


Note:To use these two functions, please upgrade the firmwares to the below versions.
NVR Firmware Version Supports Dual Stream Recording: V72.9.0.2-r2 or above
NVR Firmware Version Supports Transcoding : V71.9.0.3 or above
M-Sight Pro Android: V3.1.0.2-r7 or above
M-Sight Pro iOS: V3.1.0.2-r6 or above



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Thanks for the information. I'll give it a try and let you know how I get on.



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Not sure if you are still having this problem but I have found the same and have the same NVR and a Milesight camera.

I can't use the transcoding option above as it says it is not supported.

In my case it turned out to be the mobile network provider. Luckily I had a couple of phones available on different networks so could do some testing.

It seems that O2 blocks traffic for streaming from the cameras whereas EE/T-Mobile doesn't.

Well that's not strictly true - I had to try some different access points (AP) on the EE phone to get it to work properly. I've looked on the Internet for alternative APs for O2 that would work but couldn't find any that worked. I did however find a lot of people with the same issue on that network.

Weirdly, the O2 phone will get the event alerts fine but the EE one won't unless the app is open or has been closed very recently - I think that is due to the different versions of Android and background data settings though.

A bit irrelevant now as the alerts have packed up altogether for over a month for both devices. Have tried the latest NVR and camera firmware update etc. but the Advanced Motion detection etc. don't seem to be working any more.

Hope that is useful or helps someone else who stumbles here with the same issue.