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MacOS NVR - NAS - Server - Cam Directly? Setup for existing Hikvision cams


New Member

I have some HikVision DS-2CD2042WD-I
However I'm not really happy with them.

- the web view with the outdated video plugin is a joke. With Windows it only works with Internet Explorer and with MacOS only with a very old Seamonkey browser.
- the motion detection triggers all the time without real stuff happening (no matter what sensitivity settings I use)
- the line crossing and intrusion detection doesn't work really reliable and misses events
- I always have problems when I try to save recordings on a SMB folder therefore I don't have video recordings

The only way I have it working is with using the HikConnect app and sending alarm pictures via mail (but 99% false alarms due to motion detection and missed line crossings)

Now I want a reliable solution and don't know what is the best for me.

What I want:
- view the live streams with a good app (works with hikconnect)
- view the recordings with an app AND with PCs (Windows and Mac)
- reliable detection of suspicious behaviour, ideally automatically cut out recognised faces and message me

Do I need other cams? or just other software that only uses the stream of the cams? or a HikVision NVR?

I read about Synology Surveillance Station which maybe could be used with the HikVision cams. Blue Iris as another option (but Windows only, my current main server is running MacOS).
Shinobi, iSpy, Zoneminder.

I have a couple of raspberry pis, a mac server, and currently no NAS.

Should I buy a Synology NVR with Surveillance Station? For Example NVR1218, or better a real NAS from Synology?
Should I buy a Hikvision DS-7608NI-K2-8P? (Does this device do the intrusion/line crossing then, or still the cams? I guess the web component plugin problem still exists then?
Should I look into the Software solutions like Blue Iris, Shinobi or ZoneMinder (and use them with RPi, or real server?)

Thanks for your advice in advance