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NVR4.0 <-> AccessController IoT linkage - Arming failed?

Have you managed to get NVR linked with AC fine?

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Hi everyone,

I'm trying to link an NVR (DS-7732NI-K4 on V4) with a DS-K2602 Access Controller via IoT.
The feature of overlaying Card numbers and access events on the video footage will be extremely handy for us. But i'm hitting a wall and have been banging my head for 4 hours now.

DS-7732NI-K4 Just upgraded to V4.21.5 build 190509
DS-K2602 Access Controller on V2.05 build 190301
Online - Arming Failed.PNG

Chrome does NOT show the IOT Channel Settings for some reason? It's only visible in Internet Explorer.
In IE, I can see IoT Channel Settings > AC Device, and have managed to add the device, but the status is Online(Arming failed.) The model shows as just: DS-K26
  • If I press the Config gear icon, nothing happens.
  • The AC is armed and is working absolutely fine.
  • Under IoT event config, nothing appears under IoT type or Camera.
  • Password is correct
  • Channel set to 1 but tested others. Don't really know which channel it's asking for, as I cannot set a channel in the AC.
  • Protocol is set to either TCP/UDP, doesn't seem to change anything.
  • Tried reinstall firmware. several reboots.
  • Tried reset to factory defaults. This seemed to allow IOT Channel Settings to appear whilst using chrome, but simply trying to add the same DS-K2602 had exactly the same error, before and after restoring the settings config backup.
  • DS-K2602 is on the latest available firmware.
Has anybody come across this issue, or successfully linked these devices? We're really wanting the feature of Card numbers/names being printed into the video image as people enter and exit.

I would like to try a factory reset on the DS-K2602 to see if that helps, but through iVMS there is no config export option. And there is no web interface as far as I know. So I don't want to risk resetting it, as even though I have exported a personal list, I will still lose all the personal groups etc, access rules and many more settings I have customized.

Any input greatly appreciated!

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Have you installed the latest plugin?
Open the NVR's webGUI in Chrome and download the new plug-in (I don't think it's visible in IE11).
Navigate to the downloaded file - LocalServiceComponents.exe
Make sure Chrome is closed then install it.
Reboot the PC. If prompted after login, click yes to start the LocalComponent service.
Open Chrome and try the webGUI again.


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Hi Stewart, many thanks - Yes have installed latest component but no change. I had a feeling the componet only dealt with the Video streaming aspect of the web interface rather than any other features, but I may be wrong!


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Thanks to Phils comment on another thread, I am slightly further along with this issue.
Phil: Hi, Here's a slightly newer build of V4.22.005 (Build 191230) which has a fix to help with Hik-Connect and dynamic web IPs:
(grabbed from Hik Tech Support this morning)
After upgrading to V4.22.005 (Build 191230), I now have the status 'Online'. I can start setting up the IoT Event Configuration, however I am missing the linkage action 'OSD Display' and missing the tab 'OSD Configuration'. So cannot seem to get any further. Perhaps now I am just missing a step?