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Opening up an armoured external dome camera.


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How do you get inside them if you need to?? Can you indeed get inside them?

The answer is Yes. You can.

I recently bought a new one and fried it by way of a schoolboy error. Wrong polarity on the power line. It took about 20 seconds to kill it as it turns out.

I now know it's fried having confirmed it by opening it up. Board looks ok but there is a single 680 muFarad 16v electrolytic capacitor inside which is blown.

I imagine it is actually possible to replace it once you get inside the dome. I'm sure that would sort it out.

My problem was actually getting it open. At first I attempted to just unscrew the top half from the bottom half. There is a seam all the way round and, you know, it's the first thing that comes to mind. Tried both clockwise and anti-clockwise. But try as I might I couldn't get it to budge.

I thought maybe I am barking up the wrong tree here and thought about prying the top off but there is simply no way.

The problem is gripping the top and bottom halves of the sphere enough to get it to turn. I tried different methods. Just couldn't get enough purchase.

You can't use a vice or any other clamp because, although it is metal, it is an aluminium alloy and cracks very easily. Any kind of gripping mechanism has to be evenly applied all round.

So, eventually the need to know what it looked like inside became more important than saving the camera. So I got medieval with the drill and the hacksaw.

The camera is now beyond help BUT at least I can confirm that it does actually come apart by unscrewing the top half from the bottom. It's a normal right hand thread also. That's useful to know I think. So I pass it on.

If anyone has any idea as to how you can grip these things and open them up without damaging them I would be interested to know.