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Outdoor use of network cameras?


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Hi there,

I have a requirement for some external CCTV cameras and have been looking into IP solutions...

I was just wondering why so many network cameras are only suitable for indoor use. Surely as long as they’re in a weatherproof housing they’ll be fine outdoors, or have I missed something? :confused:


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You are of course right in what you say, if you protect the cameras in a suitable weatherproof housing they will survive outdoors.

However, the reason for many IP cameras being rated as suitable for 'indoor use only' is actually because of the image sensor's inability to survive repeated exposure to sunlight.

Lower-end network cameras typically use CMOS image sensors - these sensors are prone to their pixels becoming permanently damaged by sunlight. Furthermore, the tell-tale symptoms of such damage are easily evident to those manufacturers and they will not cover such damage under warranty.

Some manufacturers, whose CMOS cameras can drive an auto-iris lens, allow their cameras to be used outdoors; because the camera & lens combination is able to close the lens iris to reduce the sunlight throughput and thereby prevent any damage to the sensor chip.:cool:

Therefore, for the reasons explained above, you should always heed the manufacturer's statement that the camera is only suitable for indoor use.