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How-to: Part 13: How do I reset my Hikvision device to factory settings?

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In some cases, you’ll need to reset your Hikvision device to its inactive factory state. This could be if you’re passing the system on to somebody else; if you’ve forgotten your password; or simply if something has gone wrong during the configuration, meaning you need to start afresh.

There are a couple of ways of doing this, the method you’ll use depends on whether you have a password to log into the device.

Please see the simple steps for doing each below:

Via the device’s backend in a web browser or iVMS-4200:

If you are able to log into your device's configuration menu in iVMS-4200 or the web browser interface, then the easiest way to reset it is on the Upgrade & Maintenance page here. The steps below show you how to find this page in both interfaces.

Step 1:


Open iVMS-4200 and find your device in the device list on the Maintenance and Management page by going to:​
Maintenance and Management > Device Management > Device
Then, looking to the Operation column, open up the Basic settings menu by clicking on the small configuration cog icon for your device.​
Go to step 2 below.​

In a web browser:

Browse for the device’s IP in the address bar, and then log in to the device using the username and password you gave when first setting it up.​

Once logged in, click on the Configuration tab at the top of the page.​

Step 2:

In both iVMS-4200 and a web browser:

When on the device’s Configuration page, go to:​
System > Maintenance > Upgrade & Maintenance
Click the Default option to reset the device back to its inactive factory state.​
There are a couple of other useful options here:​
Reboot - allows you to remotely force the device to power cycle.​
Restore - will wipe any settings and information on the device, excluding the network settings. This is a less comprehensive reset than the Default option.​
You will see a popup window asking you to confirm that you want to reset the device. Wait while it resets and reboots, the popup will disappear when this is done.​

That’s it! If you want to check that the reset was successful, then open the SADP tool and check that it shows the Status of your device as Inactive.​

Factory reset by using the device's pushbutton:

On the majority of Hikvision’s newer camera models, there will be a pushbutton on the camera which will allow to carry out a hard reset without needing to log into it. This is most useful when you have forgotten your password, as it allows you to set a new password on the camera while avoiding much of the faff involved in doing this through the SADP tool.

Step 1:

Find the pushbutton, which is usually found beside the microSD card slot, so you’ll need to remove the microSD card cover by using a Torx screwdriver. The button is normally grey and rectangular, like the one circled below:​


Step 2:

Now that you’ve located the reset button, you’ll need to follow the steps below carefully:​
  1. Disconnect the camera’s power supply.
  2. Press the reset button and keep it held down.
  3. Restore the power supply while continuing to hold down the button.
  4. Keep the button pressed for a further 10 seconds.
  5. Release the button and wait for the camera to reboot.
You should hear the camera’s IR cut filter click and the red IR LEDs illuminate briefly when the camera powers up again after resetting.​
If the camera is connected to your local network, you can check that its status is showing as Inactive in the tool to check that the reset was successful.​
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