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How-to: Part 7: How do I reset the password of my Hikvision device?

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There is a good chance that you will need to reset the password on one of the devices in your Hikvision setup at some point. The best advice we can offer to prevent this is to use a password manager tool or keep a safe record of your passwords, and to keep the passwords across your devices consistent.

If you do need to set a new password on a device, then you have a few options. Which one of these you take depends on whether you still know the existing password, and whether you have extracted the GUID password reset file or set security questions during the device's initial setup. A few of these methods are covered below:

I need to reset my password and still know my existing password:

Step 1:
Connect to your device in a web browser, and go to:​
Configuration → System User Management
Note - If you are changing a password that is directly connected to your NVR, you will need to use the NVR's Virtual Host feature to connect to the camera.
Step 2:
You'll be shown a list of all the user profiles that have been created on the device. Choose the one that you need to change the password for from the list, and then click on Modify at the top of this list:​

User Management - Modify.jpg

Step 3:
Enter your current password in the popup, and then set your new password in the fields below - you will need to retype this to avoid you setting it incorrectly before you can continue, green ticks will appear when these passwords match. When they do, click OK:
Note - If you would like to change the NVR's "default IP camera" password to this also, which is the password assigned to any inactive Plug and Play cameras, then tick the "use as default IP camera password" box.
If you would like to change the password of the already directly connected cameras to this new one as well, tick the "sync IPC password" box below as well.

Change Password - OK.jpg

Your password has now been changed, which will be confirmed with a "save succeeded" message. You may need to log back into the device after this step.​

I need to reset my password and have forgotten my existing password:

You have a few options here. The two methods below cover how you can do the reset yourself provided you have exported a GUID file or set security questions on an NVR in advance. You can set your security questions and set up a password recovery email address by connecting to the NVR in a web browser and then going to:

Configuration System User Management (select user) Modify Account Security...

Security Questions and Recovery Email Setup.jpg

If you don't have the any of this set, then you can use the SADP tool with the help of the supplier to reset the password. For this method, please see our guide on how to reset the password of your Hikvision device in 5 steps using the SADP tool. Please note that this method will only work if you purchased the device from an Authorised Hikvision Wholesaler or Reseller.

If none of these options work for you and your device has a physical reset button, then you can use this pushbutton to reset the device to its factory state. This will allow you to activate the device again and set a fresh password.

Method 1: Reset the password in the SADP tool with a GUID file (NVRs only)

Step 1:
Find the NVR in the SADP tool and select it by ticking the box at the start of its row, and then click on Forgot Password in the right-hand Modify Network Parameters flyout:​


Step 2:
This should open a Reset Password popup window with a dropdown for the reset mode, select GUID Mode from this dropdown:​


Step 3:
Now, simply click on the folder button beside the Import GUID field to locate and upload it from your PC or memory stick. Once this is uploaded, set your new password, and then click Confirm.​
If the GUID file is correct, the password reset should be successful.​
Note - Only tick "Reset Network Cameras' Passwords" if you want the NVR to pass this new password on to all of the cameras directly connected to it.


Method 2: Reset the password with preset security questions:

Step 1:
Find your device in the SADP tool and select the Forgot Password option from the Modify Network Parameters window.


Step 2:
Select Security Question Mode from the Mode dropdown.​


Step 3:
This will bring up your preset security questions – answer all of these (the answers are case-sensitive), and then set/confirm your new password in the bottom two fields. Click Confirm when done. If all of the answers are the same as the ones that were originally set, the password will be changed.​



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