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Password reset

Roger Robinson

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Hi everyone

I'm new to this forum so please bare with me.

I installed 2 CCTV systems at my church. System A we have on line with no problems
System B was just going to be a local only system ie not connected to the Ethernet network. That decision was changed so that certain people were to be allowed off site access. When I went to do the on line part I could not log on to it
Recently We had suffered a power outage due to a building contractor putting his digger through a a main area supply cable.

When i entered the known password the system refused to accept it . Whatever I tried failed. I can only assume that when the supply went down it caused a spike which corrupted the system. i've contacted hikvision and they want me to use the SAPD file to request a failsafe password .

However the system is not connected to the Ethernet network so I can't do what is required. Can anyone give a push in the right direction. Is there anyway out of my problem? I'm more happy to go through a formal process to keep security integrity I just don't know how to

Hope this all makes sense