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POE (can I make do with 7 core)

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Thanks to all for reading my message.
New to the forum, looks very interesting and useful. If I can get my system up and running I may have the motivation to expand the system further and spend some time here

I've got a Hik 7608 with a couple of Hik cameras to get going. All worked well until I went to install.

Does anyone know if I can make do with 7 core as one of the cores is open circuit.
Problem is it runs from the house to an outbuilding. Used previously with balun and old analogue system. The weather must have blown the cable back and forth and core gone open.

The core is orange, I have terminated so many times with RJ45 then finally identified the bad core. Really frustrated.

From a diagram on the internet it looks like, 2 are used for +ve 2 for -ve. I am thinking to using one of the cores for power for RJ45 pin 2.
So does anyone know how to do this.

An alternative would be to wire up just for data, and power via the dc jack but don't really want to do that.
I have tried Powerline and it works but again this was for data only. It also drops out on occasion. Much prefer hardwiring method. I splashed out for the recorder but I know I could have done it without. I'm also using Powerline for house network and my cameras are on 192.168.254.* so I dont think it would work.

Be very difficult to run a new UTP cable as runs from loft, which has been boarded.

Hope someone can advise.

Thanks in advance