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Problems Running iVMS-4200 on MacOS Catalina(10.15)


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We have had several customers and forum users reporting problems running iVMS-4200 since updating to MacOS Catalina (10.15), the reports have varied from some saying the software runs ok but does crash unexpectedly to others saying the iVMS software does not work at all.

If you have G1 cameras (2xx3G0/2xx5FWD/2xx5G1) and/or an I-series NVR you can get around the iVMS issues by updating to the latest firmware and logging in to the NVR/cameras with any browser using the 'plug-in free' solution.

But if you have to use iVMS-4200 for a particular reason or have older Hikvision R6 (2x22/2x42) or R0 (2x12/2x32) cameras and/or K-series (and older) NVR models then your best solution, for the time being, is to NOT update to any version of MacOS Catalina. If you have already updated to Catalina and you need to access your NVR/cameras urgently then there are a couple of things you can try:

1) Try downgrading the MacOS to an earlier (non-Catalina) version - have seen some instructions on Mac-specific forums in the past about how this may be done
2) Connect a monitor directly to your NVR
3) Setup a Windows PC on your network to run iVMS-4200/access the devices with a browser

Please feel free to post any updates or further problems you experience with MacOS Catalina to this thread, we apologise for these issues and hopefully Hikvision support (who have been made aware of the issue) will release an update for iVMS-4200 in the near future.
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