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PTZ controller can move camera around except Preset list Disappear


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Hi all,
I have speed dome camera DS-2AE4223TI-D, I use IVMS-4200, every think work fine as viewing live and playback and moving the camera to different direction. but I notice onece I view the camera, All the PTZ Preset get disappear from the PTZ Controller!!.
I am using latest IVMS-4200
Latest Firmware for DVR DS-7216HUHI-F2/s model analog connection
Firmware Version V3.4.92 Build 170809 , Encoding Version V5.0 Build 170320
I tried all protocol, I tried reverse v. of IVMS
error msg : Controls PTZ fails. Error code OpenSDK{320015].(No supported by the device).
Searched all google manual still nothing find..
Any help please