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Query with iVMS4200 camera time settings?


I seem to be having a few problems again when using iVMS4200.

I have the icon on my taskbar and just click on it when I want to view what's going on around me.

When I open it up I always get a blank screen with a message that refers to failing to stream along with an error code number which is :-
Re-Connecting Error Code Open SDK String Error (50218)

I usually end up clicking each section in turn and choosing 'Live View' followed by the stream option and then the images generally appear OK.

However, since yesterday, whilst one of the cameras shows the correct live image immediately, the other camera is often half an hour or so behind and, with my usual process of clicking here and there, it usually corrects itself. When I opened the app at 11.30 today, the one camera was OK but the other, the one that usually is running slightly behind, was showing an image as of 16.57pm yesterday and hasn't changed as of writing this.

The other thing that I have noticed is that the date on the OK camera is as I have set it in the configuration menu, i.e. 12/05/2021 whereas the other camera is showing 05/12/2021. Any ideas why that might be please.

When I log into Hikvision via Internet Explorer, everything is fine as regards the time and images but, the date is still a problem as mentioned above.

NVR is a DS- 7604NI-K1/4P (B)
Cameras DS- 2CD2155 FWD and DS- 2CD2035 FWD

Thanks in advance of any input.

EDIT: Here's an example, I have just opened iVMS4200 (9.25am 14/05) and the images from both cameras are showing those that appeared at 22.20 pm last night. Why on earth would that be? Anyone got any ideas please?
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Camera date format is usually set for each camera (in the cameras web interface anyway) in the section Configuration -> Image -> OSD Settings.