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Remote Live Feed painfully slow from my Annke DVR?


New Member
Evening, Apologies if this is in the wrong segment.

I've been having some issues around my workshop with vandalism and fly tipping...So im trying to keep an eye on things

Through the supplied App, Annke Vision, playback is "Okay", It takes a minute or two to get going, but once its going its "alright". I can full screen in and out and across the board, they are maybe 3-4 seconds out of sync. So I've added a 3rd monitor to my home PC Setup so i can keep and eye on the cameras at least whilst we are awake at home. But I'm finding playback painfully unusable (Guarding Vision)

the DVR itself is an Annke 16 channel unit. I previously had an older 8 channel unit and playback was perfectly fine, albiet the apps were different.

The workshop has a steady, Fast and decent internet connection. the DVR is plugged directly into the router using a LAN Cable. My home setup is Decent quick Fibre.

At the workshop itself, I have a monitor in my office which shows the CCTV at my desk. This is over Wifi, albiet WLAN and its quick and very responsive.

Unit i believe is an ANNKE DW41JD

Does anyone have any solutions


Staff member
A key metric will be the internet uplink speed at the CCTV site.
If that is good, then it's a case of fiddling with the settings provided to try and optimise it e.g. efficient CODEC, lower resolution, use the sub-stream feed for this remote view.
I'm afraid that we have no experience with Annke so can't offer much specific advice.