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Remote location CCTV needed


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Hi, we have a remote location that we need to set up some CCTV at. The threat level is medium-high, with concerns over arson. We need some form of system installed within a week. Total budget would around £2,000 for a 4 camera setup that can expand to 8.

It has no IT infrastructure currently, no internet connection and no mains power. There is a generator on site but it's only run when needed, and we have some deep cycle leisure batteries. We'll need to use a 3G/4G modem for remote access, and we'll need a 8 port POE switch that's happy running off batteries (which is preferred, 12/24/48v?) and 4-8x POE IP CCTV cameras. I've installed plenty of IP cameras and network switches, and my day job is IT systems administration. Just the complications here are going to be having a network that's entirely able to run off batteries, so everything needs to be bought with low power requirements in mind.

The site has 4 'buildings' if you call them that, 3 beside each other and another 30 metres away.

I think the most difficult part is going to be the NVR, we'll need something that can record on site, happy with running on batteries so a DC power supply is a must to eliminate AC conversion losses. And another spanner in the works, if the entire site is torched, we still need the footage. So it needs to be backed up as close to real time as possible off site over the 3G/4G modem.

A nice to have would be two NVRs, in different locations, both recording locally, with one sending a backup off site. So if the location that NVR1 was in was damaged, NVR2 still has all the footage. Obviously this doubles the total power requirements needed for NVRs. It would be ideal if the cameras could do edge storage as well as having the NVR - although this is a nice to have and not a requirement.

We'll need to run CAT5e everywhere for the cameras (I know I'd prefer CAT6A but this needs done in haste).

I know the simple solution is to just have someone stay on site and keep a look out, but that's not sustainable for the foreseeable future.

Any recommendations for NVRs, cameras, switch and cellular modem? Many Thanks.
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Perhaps wi-fi cams to a 4G router.
Use microSD cards in the cameras AND a cloud recording solution for off-site VMD recording e.g. ManyThing or Eagle Eyes Networks.
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