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Remote viewing with Hikvision iVMS-4200 via a limited internet uplink?


New Member
Hi i have some questions that i want to helped with on remote view 4200 ivms
1.Any version of 4200 ivms that is highly recommended for slow internet speed .my internet speed when ok it up 1.6 mbs maxmum?
2.What is the minimum internet speed for you to do remote vewing smoothly without freezing at times ?
3.Any setting that i need resolution ,framerate,maxbitrate any configuration ?
4.What about the pc you using does it matter ?

attached image of 1 of problems faced




Staff member
Hi @faxon, please find the answers to your questions below:
  1. It might be worth trying iVMS-4200 VS which is their stripped-back version of the software. This is the same as their older 'Lite' version, which is described in this post - Hikvision iVMS-4200 Lite

  2. These are the maximum bandwidth stats that I found iVMS to use while connected to my NVR with 1 x 6MP and 1 x 8MP fixed lens cameras, during high levels of activity. Both cameras are set to use H.265 encoding and a frame rate of at 20fps:


    Assuming 1.6Mbps is your download speed, you'll be stretched to view more than a couple of cameras in the software, this also of course depends on the resolutions.

  3. Other recommended settings to help are shown below:


    Use H.265+ wherever possible, reduce the frame rates to 12-15fps, you can drop the resolution and video qualities if need be as well.
    Viewing the substreams should help keep your bandwidth usage down.

    Viewing the substreams only should help too. This thread has some helpful information on doing this in iVMS-4200 Lite - Sub Stream frame rate and performance with iVMS

  4. How many cameras and NVRs are you trying to view on the PC, and which PC are you using currently? From your screenshot, it looks like a high number and you may need to look at a higher-spec or custom PC.