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Special Entry Exit ANPR pls help


New Member
Hello allow, great community!

Can anyone please help us on my specific requirement

I need to know which cameras/ system to use for this.

1. Location is a Car repair garage
2. One Entry Barrier & One Exit Barrier
3. Once a car is allowed to enter, an operator need to input the plate number to the system (manually)
4. Then the car proceeds to the entry gate - barrier automatically opens (barrier i will take care)
5. Once the car is inside , if it goes to Exit gate - THE GATE SHOULD NOT OPEN.
6. Later a day or something, after the repair , The operator will put the number again into the system (manually) or Approves the car for exit
7. Then only the car can go to exit gate, and this time gate should open automatically
8. if this same car again go to the Entry gate, (without approval as per point no.3) the Entry gate SHOULD NOT open
9. If the same car again comes and take approval for entry then it is entered again by the operator and Entry Gates automatically opens - this cycles continues.

Do you have a solution to this, with NPR Camera (2 Numbers ) and its system including an interface for Operator to Put in Plate Numbers for Entry and Exit.


If there’s an operator why do you need ANPR? Is it just for logging entry/exit times.

The solution we would use:

Axis A1001 door controller
Axis camera with onboard LPR Application

The axis A1001 Controller has Axis entry manager which is a web based user interface. The operator is able to add users to the system. In this case it may be a make and model as opposed to first and last name.
You then add credential for the user, the options are Card, Pin and Licence Plate. Done

You create a group eg. Customer Vehicles
Add doors eg. Entrance barrier and exit barrier
Add schedule eg. Times that the group have access to the specific doors/gates
And then add the user with the Licence plate credential to give them access. Once there in the operator can remove them from the group to prevent them leaving until he adds them back to to group.

The camera communicates with the door controller over the network and the controller interfaces with the REX/OPEN input of the barriers.

If you need any more info let us know, were Axis Solution Silver Parrtners and this setup has worked well for us. I wouldn’t recommend anything we’ve not tried and tested.