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Stand alone spy camera with date and time stamp


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I appreciate this is not an IP CCTV question, but hope it's OK for general discussion.

My problem is I have been trying to catch the person vandalising my car. I already have a front and rear dash-cam on parking mode, but the sides of the vehicle remain vulnerable. To try and cover this I bought a couple of FREDI L-17 mini-cameras and pointed them at the side windows.

The cameras work pretty well and they deliver good picture quality and have reasonable battery life. Unfortunately though, they will not imprint a timestamp on the footage or save the 3 minute video clips in time order unless the cameras remain connected to a wi-fi network. In a remote car park and off-line they are pretty useless. Even if they do capture something, you have no idea what time the event happened and the clips are all out of order.

So, if anyone can help, I am looking for a covert, battery-powered SD-card camera that will imprint a timestamp on the footage even if my car is parked in the middle of nowhere and the camera is not connected to wi-fi.

Any recommendations would be welcomed :)