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Strange camera failure but when taken down it works fine


I had one of our site Hikvision cameras go down recently. Been working for years. It is a single cable from the camera to a PoE switch, nothing in-between.

I first checked at the PoE switch and had a steady PoE light and a slow flashing data light (normal working cameras have a fast flashing data light) so I knew something was up.

Sometimes just unplugging/re-plugging on the PoE switch site will reboot the camera. I tried that a few times but still the same lights and no camera feed/ping.

So I went up to take it off the pole it was on, checked the cable continuity (all fine) connections all clean and dry so thought it must be a faulty camera. Took it back to the office and plugged it direct into the PoE switch and it sprung to life immediately and works fine! I then put it back on the pole and again it works fine (so far)!

Anyone else have these weird unexplained problems? Anything I can do/check now or in future if it happens again?

Camera is DS-2CD2385FWD-I running firmware V5.6.5 200316