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Suggest System For Cattery/Boarding Kennels Customer Use


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Hello everybody, I have recently started my own small boarding Cattery at my home, and have 5 pens as you can see in the pictures.
Can anybody please suggest a way/system I can install that will allow the owners of the pets in the individual pen to view and maybe even interact with it by voice !!!
I would need to be able to have an individual cam in each pen and a separate password for access, also some way for them to view on their phones so a friendly phone app which will allow me to change the password easily is essential.

I have power in the pens, but would need the system to connect to my house router which in currently around 30 feet away from the pens.

If you think this is too complicated to complete, then please suggest a reliable company who could fit a system for me.

Thank you


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Hi @froggythrower

We would probably recommend using either the 2455 5MP Cube cameras - Hikvision DS-2CD2455FWD-IW | 2.8mm 5MP Cube Network Camera - or the 2545 4MP Mini Domes - Hikvision DS-2CD2545FWD-IS 4MP IR Fixed Mini Dome Network Camera

Both models feature built-in Microphones, but the cube camera may be better if you want 2-way audio (user can speak through the camera) and also it may be the easier of the 2 to install in the PVC structure you have because you can just stick it to the glass or the plastic frame.

Hikvision also has an app called Hik-connect that is quite easy to set up using P2P and the Cube cameras can also be run using WiFi.

The cameras support onboard storage and can be fitted with MicroSD card to record footage or as you have potentially multiple cameras you could also look at an NVR to record all the cameras, as it is 5 pens/cameras you would need to look at an 8-channel NVR - Hikvision DS-7608NI-I2-8P 8 Channel Network Video Recorder

We would recommend buying one camera and trying it first to see how you get on with all the functions you need (e.g. the app, remote access, WiFi, recording, etc...) before you commit to the full system.