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Surveillance Station + remote IP Camera - is continuous upload traffic preventable?


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I'm using SS 8.2.3-5818 with Device Pack 5.7.3-2740 with a single camera (for the moment). The camera is a HIKVISION HWP-N2404IH-DE3 (link, pdf datasheet).

The camera is remotely connected to the server using port forwarding (currently HTTP and RTSP) and mostly working as expected; it is using a 4G cellular network with a limited data plan (a few tens of Gbs), for a few months until a fixed fiber optic connection is installed.

The main issue I'm having is that I can't seem to be able to prevent the camera from being continuously uploading (RTSP) to the SS server, consuming ~500Mb every hour. I can limit upload bandwidth but that prevents me from do any proper use of the camera as well. I've tried to disable every single thing and making sure all camera settings in SS are "by camera" - nothing made a difference.

I would like to know if (and how) this is a possible scenario: while idle, the camera is not uploading through RTSP and will only do so if a event (i.e. motion) is triggered by in-camera detection.

I've also placed a microsd in the camera for local storage, and this way enabling continuous recording on it, although I haven't been able to format the card successfully.

Any hints would be helpful - thanks
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