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Synology End of Life Models

Tara Brown

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You may have been automatically redirected to this page if you followed a link to a product that is now End of Life, meaning that it is now no longer available to purchase.

Manufacturers release new products all the time and often these new releases will supersede existing models, as newer products are likely to have improved technology, updated features and/or better functionality. You can click on this link to our website to see the current Synology range. This steady flow of new releases can make it difficult when replacing or updating your system, as you may find that the products you have are now considered as end of life.

It may be useful for you to understand the sometimes complex Synology naming system, so please see the diagram below:

synology naming system 2.jpg

This forum post lists all of the Synology products that are now end of life. If you use Control+F to search the post for your items, if they appear in the list then you will be directed them and you can then click on the product that has superseded it to be taken to the product page for the most up to date version. If you can't find the product you are looking for please don't hesitate to contact us at info@use-ip.co.uk.

RX1216sas → RX1217sas
RS18016xs+ → RS18017xs+
RS815 → RS816
RS815RP+ → RS818RP+
RS815+ → RS818+
RX415 → RX418
RS3614RPxs → RS3617RPxs
RS3614xs → RS3617xs
RS814RP+ → RS818RP+
RS814+ → RS818+
RS814 → RS816
RS214 → RS217
RS2414+ → RS2416+
RS2414RP+ → RS2416RP+
RX1214RP → RX1217RP
RX1214 → RX1217
RS3413xs+ → RS3617xs
RS2212RP+ → RS2418RP+
RS3412xs → RS3618xs
RS2212+ → RS2418+
RS812 → RS816
RX410 → RX418
RS212 → RS217
RX1213sas → RX1217sas
RS10613xs+ → RS18017xs+
RS3413xs+ → RS3617xs+
RS812RP+ → RS818RP+
RS812+ → RS818+
RS2212+ → RS2416+
RS3412RPxs → RS3617RPxs
RX1211RP → RX1217RP
RX1211 → RX1217
RS810RP+ → RS818RP+
RS2211RP+ → RS2416RP+
RS2211+ → RS2416+
RS212 → RS217

The products listed below have no direct replacement. Please email us on info@use-ip.co.uk to discuss your requirements.

DS416play → DS418play
DS916+ → DS918+
DS116 → DS118
DS216J → DS218j
DS216+II → DS218+
DS416j → DS418j+
DS216 → DS218
DS716+II → DS718+
DS416 → DS418
DS216play → DS218play
DS1515 → DS1517
DS215+ → DS218+
DS115 → DS118
DS3615xs → DS3617xs
DS215j → DS218j+
DS1515+ DS1517+
DS1815+ → DS1817+
DS415+ → DS918+
DS415play → DS218play
DS414j → DS418j
DS112j → DS115j
DS214+ → DS218+
DS214se → DS216se
DS414 → DS418
DS214play → DS218play
DS114 → DS118
DS3612xs → DS3617xs
DX1211 → DX1215
DS1813+ → DS1817+
DS1513+ → DS1517+
DS412+ → DS418
DS713+ → DS718+
DS413 → DS418
DS213+ → DS218+
DS213 → DS218
DS112+ → DS118
DS213J → DS218j
DS112j → DS115j
DS1813+ → DS1817+
DS1513+ → DS1517+
DX513 → DX517
DS413J → DS418j
DX510 → DX517
DS1812+ → DS1817+
DS1512+ → DS1517+
DS1511+ → DS1517+
DS712+ → DS718+
DS411 → DS418
DS212+ → DS218+
DS110j → DS115j
DS3611xs → DS3617xs
DS2411+ → DS2415+
DS111 → DS118
DS411 → DS416slim
DS411+II → DS918+
DS212 → DS218
DS411J → DS418j
DS212j → DS218j

The products listed below have no direct replacement. Please email us on info@use-ip.co.uk to discuss your requirements.

VS80 → VS360HD
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