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Synology Release Surveillance Station 7.2


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Synology Release a New Update

Synology have once again released a fairly large content update to their popular Surveillance Station CCTV package running off of their NAS drives. Whilst not as large as the Surveillance Station 7.0 release we covered before, 7.2 does introduce some much-needed I/O module integration and key-frame adjustment options as its headline features, amongst some other quality of life changes.

For those of you who have already upgraded to the recently-released DSM 6.0, you'll need to upgrade to Surveillance Station 7.2 to continue using the program.

You can read Synology's announcement here, and we'll cover everything below.

I/O Module Integration

Taking the headline of this update is the introduction of support for I/O modules within Surveillance Station. Previously, any kind of I/O would be managed separately by a compatible camera. Now, Surveillance Station can act as an independent hub for I/O modules if you connect a compatible module, which should prove as a godsend for those larger installations.

The full list of supported I/O modules is somewhat small currently. Of the list, the popular Axis P8221 Network I/O Audio Module can be found on our webshop.

A new menu option has been introduced which takes you to the I/O Module application

From within this application, you can add and configure your I/O Module (seen below). From here you'll be able to connect and configure any appropriate I/O connections to your modules and what you'd like them to do.

Similarly, a new option has been added to the Action Rule application which will allow you to configure your I/O module to trigger certain actions (recording when audio is detected for example).

Keyframe Adjustment

Surveillance Station 7.2 introduces the ability to adjust the keyframe interval of your individual cameras via Surveillance Station itself, rather than having to access each camera independently, again something that should save you a fair amount of time.

This will be most relevant for any installations using cameras that have H.264 encoding, and will allow you to fine-tune the balance between frequent interval/keyframes for a clear but bandwidth heavy image, and less-frequent keyframes for much lower bandwidth but at the risk of quality loss.

Users of Hikvision cameras might be more familiar with the term I frame interval.

You can adjust these settings from the IP Camera application, unique to each camera.

Auto Layout

Beyond the two above-mentioned features, much of the rest of the update includes quality-of-life improvements, one of which is the introduction of a new "Auto" layout template when viewing Live View or playing back Timeline footage.

Self-explanatory really - Auto will automatically generate a template based on the number of connected cameras as opposed to you manually having to do so.

Improvements to CMS (Central Management System)

This update also saw both security and quality of life improvements made to Surveillance Station's CMS solution, including both HTTPs and QuickConnect support. Details can be seen below.

NVR216 User Management Tools

Lastly, Synology's own NVR, the NVR216, has now been updated to include a complete user management interface. You can now create, remove or assign users specific privileges directly from within the NVR216.

That covers the main features introduced in 7.2. Unfortunately, no developments yet regarding native support for the ever-popular Hikvision 4MP cameras, but we're told to expect it by mid-2016.

Feel free to let us know your experiences so far with Synology's Surveillance Station 7.2 in this thread, or check out the Synology category on our webshop.