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Trendnet IP Dome Camera - Night Vision Issue


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Relative Newbie to CCTV here.........

I have a Trendnet TV-IP311PI v1.0R Dome Camera which works fine in the daytime but it is at night when I am experiencing the issue with picture quality with the IR night vision active.

The original camera I had which I purchased 2nd hand worked fine in the day but was blurry at night as you can see from the picture - "Outside Shot - Original Camera"

I found that if I bought the camera into the garage the picture was fine at night as shown in the picture - "Inside Shot - Original Camera".
I have played around with the settings in the camera's menu which makes it very slightly better at night but then in the day the picture is very brght and grainy.

Thinking it was an issue with the camera itself I purchased a new additional camera of the same model as set it up in the garage ("Inside Shot - New Camera") which was fine in the dark, however when I moved it outside and swapped it with the original camera I am getting the same issue with blurry feeds???
The camera is mounted under my white UPVC eaves on the ground level, the eaves connect with white UPVC windows in case that is of interest to determining the cause - could the blurry image be caused by light interference or another issue which is not present when it is in the garage. I cannot understand why there is a difference when then IR is working when outside and when in the garage. I have got the cameras both running on the latest firmware revision.

I would be grateful for a resolution as the current night images would not be good if they were needed following an issue occuring that they are there to deter and protect against..........Help ☹

Thanks in advance


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Hi, see this Post and the pdf attached to it: