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[Tutorial]Resetting the Password on a Hikvision Camera


This Tutorial is Out of Date
Please see Here for an Updated Tutorial

In this short guide I will walk you through the process of resetting the password on a Hikvision camera.

If you are using a Hikvision camera with a physical reset button, it's just a case of resetting the device via the button, however, if your camera has no physical reset button you will need to go through the route of emailing Hikvision in order to bring the device to a reset. Due to the fact that this form of reset requires the software SADP, this can currently only be performed on a windows PC.

Make sure that your camera is connected to your network and launch the SADP software. From here, take a screenshot of the camera listed that you wish to change the password of. You want to have the serial number (all of it, i've covered some of mine up so you can't change the password!) and the start time as well.

Once you have this information, you will need to email this to Hikvision and request a password reset. The correct email address to send this information to is support@hikvision.com.

Replies from Hikvision tend to take around 48 hours, however they can take longer than that unfortunately. If you have purchased a camera directly from us, you can drop me an email at bob@use-ip.co.uk and I can try and get hold of them directly if it's urgent.

Once you get the reply it will contain a serial code. Copy and paste this in the 'restore default password' tab in SADP and you're done.
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