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[Tutorial] Using Smart search in Synology surveillance station


Using Smart search in Synology surveillance station
In this guide I will be teaching you how to effectively use the smart search feature of Synology. This feature is great for a number of reasons. I find it particularly useful for when you're trying to adjust the levels of motion detection (and hence, have lots of false negatives). You can find the smart search feature in the menu bar of Surveillance station. Note: You will need to have an up-to-date version of surveillance station. Older versions may not include smart search at all.

When you launch the app, you may be prompted to install an additional plug-in, this shouldn't take long though. What you will see will look similar to the playback menu, but you'll notice that there is a blue grid overlay. This overlay is a feature similar to when you're drawing the motion detection zones. What you want to do is highlight the squares that you want to be tracked for movement.

Once you have highlighted the area that you wish to find motion within, hitting the play button will begin processing of the video. The playback view here isn't essential, but you'll know when it's detecting something because anything that moves within the selected range will be highlighted with a blue square.

As the footage processes, you will start to build up a 'library' of results that you can browse through. In this tab, to open any clip that you want to review, simply hover over it and click the play button. This will bring up the clip playback window.

In the window that opens up the clip playback, you have a few options. You can simply play the short extract and view what smart search has detected. You can zoom in to the image (digital zoom) and you can adjust some of the image colours too. Finally, you can take snap shots, or you can download the clip. When you download the clip, it won't just download the short extract, it will download the segment of video it comes from. If you have set your recording settings to break up the clip every 30 minutes, you'll get a 30 minute clip.

That covers the essential features of Smart search. If you need any more information on this feature, please don't hesitate to post a comment below.