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URL for generic ipc365 IP camera to be used with ispy


New Member
Hi there

I recently bought a number of generic IP cameras that I can currently access through an android app and their own proprietary app but I would like to be able to use them with ispy too. I have had no luck getting access to them or URLs to use with ispy even using its scanners and wizards.

The camera were branded as klzhe and show up as ipc365 when looking for devices on my router. I have tried a number of username and password combos suggested on ispys website and other forum pages but still no luck.

Many suggested to use ports 23456 or 34567 with combinations like admin/root etc.

The camera itself looks like the attached picture. I have seen this camera sold under many other brand names with slight variations in colour etc so there may be a few different iterations of them knocking about that could use different credentials etc.

I have already tried URL such as:


All with no luck. I can't seem to find it in onvif either and it has no onvif settings in it's apps.

I have also tried telnetting into it on various ports all of which met in failure.

Portscans show that only ports 23456 and 34567 are open.

Would anyone have any ideas on how to access this camera and/or get a broadcast URL to use with ispy?

Many thanks in advance.