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Veracity HIGHWIRE Longstar

George Ghir

New Member

I have a 950m run from a building to the front gate that we supply a number of services to (CCTV, Intercom, Electric Gate Control). Historically there is an old bullet analogue BNC camera that runs over co-ax to the front gate. To supplement this there are IP cameras (2x) which run over Ubiquiti's 5G Rocket/Nano setup back to the main building. The problem is that although the wireless solution works well (and is 98% successful) we are always concerned about the 2% failure chance.

Ideally, we would like to run fibre to the front gate but this is out of our hands at the moment. We are interested in the Veracity Highwire Longstar solution (btw we don't need POE as we have local power at the gate) to see if we can bridge the 2% gap but wanted to know your experience of the product and how long we can try and buy for? Any assistance/experience would be gratefully received.