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Viewing a Dahua NVR via an iPhone using iDMSS

Harri Whipp

Thread starter #1
Firstly, go to the App Store on your iPhone and install either 'iDMSS Lite', 'iDMSS Plus', 'iDMSS HD Lite' or 'iDMSS HD Plus', depending on your preference.

Now open the application.

Now click the icon in the top left.

You will now be on the main menu. Click the 'Device Manager' icon.

Now, on this page, click 'Add' in the top-right of the screen.

Now give your device a name and complete all the correct information for your NVR.

Save your details and return to the 'Live Preview' screen.

Tap on an empty window, which will bring up the 'Camera Select' window. Find a camera you would like to add and tap on it.

As long as the camera is compatible with the application and is streaming correctly, it will appear in the empty window.

You can drag and drop the stream into a different window just by tapping and holding on the stream and moving it to where you would like to place it.

By double-tapping on the stream, the window will now become full screen (half screen).

You can also add the next available camera by clicking this button and repeating the process.

By clicking this button it will close the window that you have selected.

By clicking this button all four windows will go to available cameras.

To close all windows click the button next to that.

You can also take snapshots by tapping the camera icon. This picture will save directly to your camera roll.