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Vivotek iNSIGHT Product Series

Vivotek are constantly developing new products and bringing new technologies to its users. The latest Vivotek launch is its iNSIGHT series which currently have just two products, the FD9392-EHTV-O Dome Camera and the IE9111-O AI-Box.

The iNSIGHT series provides an extensive understanding that goes deeper than just the surface. This series is driven by the Open Security and Safety Alliance (OSSA) which delivers an open and standardised platform for security and safety solutions.

As well being driven by OSSA the iNSIGHT series embrace Qualcomm SoC, is based on an open IoT platform which is supported by Security and Safety Things (S&ST) which provides users with an easy way to download and install a wide range of apps providing intelligent video content analysis.

The new products are not ready just yet however we are expecting them to be available in the next couple of weeks so keep an eye out for them arriving.

For more information see the Vivotek Press Release on the FD9392-EHTV-O and IE9111-O.