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Vivotek products are NDAA compliant

In recent weeks Vivotek have been asked for confirmation that their products are NDAA compliant.

Vivotek are comitted to providing NDAA compliant products. Please see attached statement confirming this and below a list of Vivotek NDAA compliant products:

Box CamerasIP9164-HT, IP9164-LPC
Bullet CamerasIB8377-EHT, IB8377-HT, IB9360-H, IB9365-EHT-A, IB9365-HT-A, IB9368-HT, IB9380-H, IB9387-EHT-A, IB9387-HT-A, IB9388-HT
Fixed Dome CamerasCD8371-HNTV, CD8371-HNVF2
FD816CA-HF2, FD8166A, FD8166A-N, FD8177-HT, FD8366-V, FD8377-EHTV, FD8377-HTV, FD9165-HT-A, FD9166-HN, FD9187-HT-A, FD9360-H, FD9365-EHTV-A, FD9365-HTV-A, FD9366-HV, FD9368-HTV, FD9380-H, FD9387-EHTV-A, FD9387-HTV-A, FD9388-HTV
IT9360-H, IT9380-H, IT9388-HT
180° CamerasCC8160, CC8370-HV, CC9381-HV
360° CamerasFE8182, FE9380-HV
Mobile Dome CamerasMD8531H, MD8563-DEH, MD8563-EH, MD8564-EH, MD8565-N, MD9560-H
Split-type Camera SystemVC8101
Video ServerVS8100-v2
NVRsNR9581, NR9581-v2, NR9681, NR9681-v2, NR9682, NR9682-v2, NR9782, NR9782-v2,


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