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Vivotek ST7501 Access via an iPhone

Harri Whipp

In this how-to guide, we will be showing you how to connect to your Vivotek server ST7501 via your iPhone.
First, visit the App Store and search for ‘iViewer’.

Although there is also a paid version, this how-to will demonstrate its 'lite' counterpart, as it still delivers great results.

Install the app and open it.

Once the app opens, you will be presented with he main screen. Tap on the top right ‘Edit’ button.

From here you can add your ST5701 servers.

Tap the icon in the bottom left of the screen to access a list of your existing servers.

To add a new server, tap the ‘+’ icon.

Tap on the ‘Server’ option. The port and username will automatically be set to the default.

Enter all the correct information for your server, then tap ‘Save’.

Your server will now be added to your list. Select your server and tap ‘Connect’.

If the connection has worked you will be able to personalise your layout. All cameras connected to the server will display in the bottom left corner. Tap and drag each of them into the windows that you would like. Then tap ‘done’.

You will now be redirected back to the main menu, where you will be able to view your connected cameras.

Double-tap on any stream to enlarge it.

As you can see this is very quick to set up; it only took us 4 minutes from start to finish! This is an excellent and easy to use application for the iPhone and is a must have for any one looking to view their Vivotek cameras on-the-go.