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Vivotek VAST Seamless


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I have a weird scenario where my client want to monitor activity in different spots on field. There is no Ethernet wire around nor power cables.
I looked into many system and finally decide to try Vivotek cameras. Vivotek VAST system provide seamless option that means if there is no connectivity between camera and VAST, the footage is going to be stored on camera SD card and sync with VAST when connection is restored.
On testing environment it was working fine with one camera but when I implement it on real environment it started acting up.
The video is not synced to VAST and stayed in the sd card. I opened a ticket on Vivotek support but its been a month with no resolution.
If any of you can tell me if I am missing something in configuration though the setup is pretty straight forward, just enable "seamless" in VAST camera config, and set recording schedule ie continuous 24/7.
I am open to try another product or solution if any one can suggest or know of.

Note: I am using Vivotek IB8360-W Cameras that are power by UPS on field and get connected with Wi-Fi automatically when brought back to ware house.

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This function is typically known as ANR - Automatic Network Recovery.
I haven't implemented it with Vivotek (nor any other brand, yet).
It is becoming more widely available - I've seen manufacturers such as Milesight mention that it will even be a standard featurer in their NVRs in the future.

Vivotek Tech Support should be the best able to help you resolve your issues.

With regard to alternatives, unfortunately there are nowadays very few wireless pro cameras available (especially when you narrow it down to outdoors): Buy wireless IP cameras ¦ use-IP Ltd