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Wanting to upgrade existing HiLook system - advice appreciated


I currently have a HiLook system utilising a 104MH-C4/P NVR and three cameras:
Camera 1 is a IPC-D150H 4mm 5mp dome, mounted 2.2m from ground level
Camera 2 is a IPC-D150H 4mm 5mp dome, mounted at 2.2m from ground level
Camera 3 is a IPC-T651H 5mp motorised zoom turret mounted at 5m from ground level

I am considering replacing the cameras with higher end Hikvision cameras to have access to the Smart Event features.
Replacing camera 1 and 2 with something like the DS-2CD2163G0 or DS-2CD2165G0 keeping the 4mm focal length.
Keeping camera 3 as is for the time being.
Adding a fourth camera to either position A to look at the second car or position B to look down the driveway. I'm not sure if one of the replaced cameras would be suitable.

The front door isn't covered particularly well but a camera would have to be fitted quite low down to see under the canopy.
To see over the side gate it would need to be mounted at 2.75m high and would be 3.5m away from the door.

Perhaps I could consider upgrading the NVR too? If I upgraded to an 8ch I could perhaps utilise all five camera positions.

Any advice on this really would be appreciated.
Thank you.


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Hi @Ianc

Really sorry to keep you waiting for a response here!

For the front door camera, the best way to cover entrances is to mount a Mini Dome camera beside the door itself, at around head height, with a 2.8mm FoV. This covers the space surrounding the entrance nicely and is optimal for capturing faces that are at / approach it.

The DS-2CD2546G2-IS is Hikvision's latest Mini Dome and would be my recommendation - it has a resolution of 4MP and G2 AcuSense technology.

You would need to upgrade your NVR as well as only HiLook cameras can be used with a HiLook NVR (but you can add HiLook cameras to the higher end pro-series NVRs. Our recommendation for an 8-channel recorder is always the 7608, as it is the most futureproof (it's compatible with AcuSense cameras, continues to receive updates to fix bugs, and more powerful to accommodate the newer bandwidth-thirsty AcuSense / high-res cameras).

Your other option for any cameras to be swapped would be to opt for turrets, which are now the most popular style in residential applications due to needing less maintenance (cleaning the dome), having a flat face which prevents insects obstructing the lens, and means you won't suffer loss in image quality which we can sometimes see caused by the glass dome covers. Our recommended turret would be the DS-2CD2386G2-IU which is the camera we see deployed most in residential systems.

More on all the different types of camera available can be found here - IP CCTV Buyers Guide

However, I would certainly stick with the Dome style if a priority if vandal-proofing the cameras. The DS-2CD2165G0-IS you mention would be our recommendation for a 6MP dome. There are also AcuSense options here, such as the DS-2CD2546G2-IS and DS-2CD2146G2-ISU, but these are only currently available in 4MP. Both of these AcuSense domes have a 30m IR range, so both should work well (but they are lower in resolution than your existing cameras).

Position A would be best for the potential new camera, as the camera deployed to replace camera 2 should give sufficient coverage of the driveway at 4mm (unless you decide to mount a Mini Dome beside the door instead).

Hope that all helps :)


@Kyle Thank you for your response.

When I purchased the system (from an authorised UK Hik reseller) I was told that all the HiLook and Hikvision products were compatible, the HiLook NVR has all the Smart Event settings in the configuration settings, but I guessed that in order to utilise the full potential of the latest cameras a higher end NVR would be required.

Upgrading the NVR to the ‘7608 I’ series does put a dent in the upgrade budget but seems to be the obvious choice.

The current domes are mounted just 2.2m from ground level and within easy reach, so they were chosen because they are anti-vandal. The concern I had with turrets is they could easily be twisted around if within arms reach, but perhaps I am overthinking it?

With regard to the AcuSense domes only being 4MP, would there be a marked difference in night time quality with the drop from 5MP?
If so, perhaps the ColorVue G2 cameras would give a clearer night time image (albeit with a visible white light) and be worth consideration?
Having viewed this video it would appear the 4MP 2CD2347G2 colour image is on par with the 8MP 2CD2386G2 IR image.

Thanks again for any further advice.
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