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Weird PTZ issue with presets changing seemingly on their own


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Weird one this one.

Presets 1 and 2 (the only ones I set) on a DS-2DE4A425IW-DE running the latest firmware keep changing literally by themselves. They move by a small amount (maybe 10-15 degrees) without input from me, the only one with access. Always the same direction - downwards and slightly to the right. I cannot find a specific time that the camera does this, but it's some time overnight.

Each day I can go into the camera, reset preset 1 and 2, and it'll be fine for a few hours. The camera will do whatever is asked of it (which is simply stay stationary until an intrusion event is detected, then auto-track. When the tracking is over, return to park, which is preset 1). The camera can also be triggered by another camera, where it is told to move to preset 2. Again, this works perfectly, until I leave it for 8/10/12 hours, and then both preset 1 and preset 2 now no longer point where they were set to but around 10 degrees away.
Obviously this then completely ruins the intrusion detection because the zones are set for the location I wanted in the first place, and now the zones map inappropiate places, and the camera no longer views the required area.

Camera is running the latest firmware.

I've tried resetting the camera completely, checking all other presets, etc etc. It's literally like someone is moving the camera (physically!) or setting the PTZ location preset without my permission. But it's reset to *exactly* the same (incorrect) place each time.

I'm pulling my hair out with what could be wrong. Does anyone have any suggestions please?

Thanks in advance.


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I've actually seen this exact issue brought up on a couple of posts before, but don't remember if it was resolved. Sorry I can't help, but I'm suggesting you do a Google search to pull up those threads for more info. Good luck!