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What are the correct port numbers for web access to an ACTi ACM-1231 IP camera?


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If your cameras are behind a router, you should finish the port mapping on both the camera and the router.

There are 3 ports which need to be defined on the camera, please refer to these screenshots:
public/userfiles/file//Firmware HTTP port.png
public/userfiles/file//Firmware Video port.png

1.HTTP port(default 80)
2.Video Streaming port(default 6002)
3. Video Control port(default 6001)

You need to set each camera on your system to use a different port number AND open the same port fowarding on your router (for all of the ports used by all of the cameras).

For example, additional ports that could be used:
Video Streaming port:6012
Video Control port6011

Take a look at the following screenshot of the port forwarding setup on a system with multiple cameras:
public/userfiles/file//router port forward.png

With thanks to ACTi Tech Support:)