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What are these big metal commercial CCTV cameras?


New Member
Hi all.

I see in many more commercial set ups cameras like these in the picture.

What are these and when to use that type of heavy metal camera instead of a HIK type camera?

Also in UK what brand of dielectric Grease do you all use? Didnt know if there was a standard?

I hope someone can help shed some light.


Staff member
Essentially, they are old.
It was all we had at the time.
It cost a lot more.
You had to assemble a lot of components:
  • camera
  • lens
  • PSU
  • Housing
  • Maybe a wiper
  • Maybe a washer
  • Maybe a mount or a pan/tilt head
  • Maybe a separate box telemetry controller
  • Maybe an infra-red lamp
  • A whole lot of interconnecting cables
  • A lot of time and labour

Now, you can achieve the same in an integrated unit from the manufacturer.

Outlier cases may still exist, such as where you need a very big lens e.g. one with a very long focal length, which is consequently large/long (and not available as an integrated solution). But speed domes have even superseded the use of most fixed cameras with big lenses, as speed domes are now available with say 45x optical zoom (to around 100mm focal length).

I haven't worked closely with installers for some time, we used to use silicone grease in a tube - I think it was Dow Corning brand - I vaguely recall that it was called something like 'SP4' but Google doesn't return anything for that.
Somebody else might drop-by and be able to provide you with a more up-to-date answer.