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What is best software for motion detection?

dan benton smith

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Hi peeps, I actually have a few questions here.
I am running a home CCTV system and I believe the DVR software/interface is called "sky cell". But I am having problems with this, mainly because of the motion detection and record region functions.
Although this is a home CCTV system I have it networked and am still able to view it remotely on my mobile phone using the correct app.
Even when I set motion detection to lowest sensitivity it still is extremely sensitive and picks up things that are not even visible to the naked eye.
Also the "record region" function appears to not be working correctly as no matter what region of the camera I ask it not to detect motion in it still detects motion in the entire view region of the camera which is very annoying as I am getting motion detection every few seconds.
So here are the questions,
1: Is it the hardware (cameras) or the software that is causing these sensitivity and record region issues.
2: Am I able to install new software on my DVR without buggering it up
3: If so then what software would you recommend that would at least help with the sensitivity and record region issues.
Many thanks in advance