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What is Hikvision EXIR 2.0?

Keoni Granger

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Hikvision EXIR 2.0 Infrared Technology

Hikvision's EXIR 2.0 technology is now used in all of Hikvision's current cameras. EXIR technology was introduced by Hikvision back in 2014 and was designed to eliminate problems that occur with more traditional IR. Please take a look at our original write up for more information on EXIR cameras.

Why was EXIR designed?
  • No IR Reflection or Bleeding
    Having the IR LEDs housed independently from the camera lens completely eliminates the chance of internal IR reflection and IR bleeding which can be a problem with dome cameras in particular. A curved, reflective glass dome cover can inevitably reflect the IR back and blind the camera which we've covered before, and an EXIR camera doesn't suffer from this, allowing Hikvision to install stronger EXIR LEDs with no risk.
  • Better IR Coverage
    Traditionally, IR has been integrated in a circular array of many LEDs around the lens. This brought with it the common problem of a circular overexposed area in the centre of the image, with the corners being underexposed due to an uneven IR coverage. The rectangular EXIR LEDs provide a much more even coverage across the entire image, eliminating this issue.
  • Fewer Issues with Spiders / Insects
    Spiders and other insects are typically attracted to the warmer IR LEDs which in a non-EXIR camera would often lead to them sitting in front of the camera lens. This is less of an issue with EXIR cameras, and on the DS-2CD2342WD-I there is also fewer places for spiders to anchor to (flat-faced).

So how is EXIR 2.0 an improvement on standard EXIR?

  • No need for a secondary optical lens
    • Standard EXIR LEDs must use a secondary lens to focus the infrared light to match the cameras viewing angle
    • This is not a requirement with EXIR 2.0 technology
    • Improves IR utilisation by around 10%-30%
  • Better heat dissipation
    • EXIR 2.0 LEDs are made from a different material that improves heat dissipation
  • Longer lifespan
    • EXIR 1.0's lifespan is approximately 20,000 to 30,000 hours
    • EXIR 2.0's lifespan is approximately 30,000 to 40,000 hours
  • Suitable for near to mid range infrared monitoring
    • EXIR 2.0's improvements can focus within 25mm
A quick look up table can be found below :)
exir 2.PNG

Please let us know if you have any questions! :D