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What is the maximum vehicle speed that a Hikvision ANPR camera can capture number plates at?

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Emma Hedges

Staff member
ANPR stands for Automated Number Plate Recognition, which means the camera is designed to capture, store and act on the number plates that it collates within a database.

We recently had the following request from one of our customers who was looking to confirm if a Hikvision ANPR camera could still recognise and capture license plates if the vehicles were reaching speeds of 70mph.

Commonly within the CCTV industry, ANPR cameras are used to monitor entrances and exists to secure locations such as garages, work spaces or high profile properties. As the vehicle approaches the camera at a slow pace of around 5mph, it can recognise the license plate from a database and either allow or prevent access.

So what happens if the vehicles are travelling at a much higher speed? If a car is travelling at 70mph, is the camera still able to pick up the relevant footage it needs in order to capture and/or recognise the license plate?

We went direct to Hikvision for their answer:

The Question:
“I’m looking for a camera that can record number plates of vehicles travelling up to 70mph”

The Answer:
After contacting Hikvision directly, they recommended that the DeepinView 7 Series ANPR camera would be a suitable choice.

Hikvison told us that the Hikvision DS-2CD7A26G0/P-IZS 2MP ANPR Varifocal Bullet Network Camera can record number plates of vehicles travelling at a top speed of <160 km/h which is equivalent to over 99mph.

ANPR Camera.png

They continued to explain that the capture rates and recognition rates, even at this speed are extremely high with the capture rate reaching <99% accuracy and the recognition rate reaching <98%. This means that even when the vehicle is travelling at extreme speed the camera will recognise and detect number plates with ease.

Police in England and Wales have been using ANPR cameras since 1980 for counter terrorism purposes. These systems have proven to be an integral tool within the force. Allowing quick and easy access for officers to access a database making it easier to locate and identify criminals who have likely relied on some mode of private transport to commit their crime.

What’s more is that the camera itself uses infrared light along with automatic, optimal settings to capture number plates under all conditions.

As always, if you have any questions please get in touch :)
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