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When entering Night mode there is wavey lines (not rolling horisontal) on the newly installed cam.


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Hi all,

I have recently expanded from a single camera to a 3 cam setup (coaxial cable RG59) connected to a 4 channel Hikvision DVR.

single cam at longest distance used its own 12V 1000mA independent power supply and the other 2 uses one 14V 2000mA power supply.

Second longest cam from DVR and power (20 Meters) is a standard Bulet built in IR cam that shows well in day and in night mode.

the third cam that is about 15 Meters fro DVR and Power supply shows perfect in daylight, once switch to night mode it shows extreme wavey lines (not rolling horizontal) almost like grounding issues (the cam does have 2 powerful separate IR spots (not built into camera but separate bulbs under the cam.

Some sites say grounding issues (but wont that then be a constant and not just at night?)
Also noticed thta the cam did no switch back from night to normal mode this moring.

thank you


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Hi there,

Do you know what the models of the camera/DVR are?

Have you got any pictures to show what you're seeing at night? Does the camera stop showing these lines when you disconnect one of the other two from the DVR?

It might be that the separate IR spots mentioned are too powerful for the camera lens and are causing electrical interference with the light sensor and consequently the pixels, resulting in the horizontal lines.