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Wireless Point-to-point Bridge for over 100 Analog Camera


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Hi, good day to all.

This is my first post. I am looking for a solution because it seems the project I have right now is new to me and I do not have a hands-on experience for connecting large number of cameras to a network bridge.

I would like to inquire if anybody here has a similar experience. Here is the nature of the project:
1. Number of analog cameras(with few IPs) connected to 8 DVRs = 170. This will grow.
2. Distance between the CCTV operator to DVRs' location is 10.x Kms.

Ok, someone may ask, why would the CCTV operator need to be so far away? The answer to this question is it's for a security reason, the operator had to distance himself from the location. I would like to connect the CCTV operator to the DVRs. For the meantime, we are using an existing 100mbps internet connection. But it's not enough, it's going to drop signal from time to time because the connection is "up to" 100mpbs and most ISPs here will share this connection with other subscribers as well and many other factors that reduced bandwidth and latency.

I have two options in mind to solve this problem. First, is a wireless network point-to-point bridge using air fiber from Ubiquitti. In Ubiqutti's simulation, the network throughput can be over 1Gbps over the 10.x distance and a 24-meter tower. This will serve us more than enough, that's why I will prefer this. But reality may differ, so I am afraid that's why I am here asking for more input. The purpose of using Wireless bridge in this scenario is for real-time viewing of 170 camera and also for reviewing CCTV footage.

My second option is: IP VPN

IP VPN was the term used by our local ISP that provides tunneled VPN exclusive connection between different regions. According to their website, this type of service provides the following:
Speed: From 2mpbs of up to 10,000 Mbps
Topology: Meshed; Multi-point to multi-point
Access: wired(fiber, copper) wireless: (4G; V-SAT / IP-Radio)
Latency of at least 10ms
Class of Service or Quality of Service that can prioritize specific IP traffic

For this IP VPN, I really do not have a clue if this will work as promised by the ISP, and if this will fall short, it is a nightmare since if we subscribe to IP VPN, it is a two-year contract and it's going to be expensive.

My boss is simply asking if it can be done or not.

Thank you for your input.


Staff member
A VPN may work, but you will be renting a lot of bandwidth, and therefore will have a high ongoing cost forever.

It would be best to speak to a wireless bridge expert such as Wi-Fi Gear an purchase a suitable solution - WIFIGEAR LIMITED