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Wiring POE from 2019 model HIKVISION PTZ head


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This site has been of great help to me. I have a problem i have not been able to locate on any of the threads however. Bought a DS-2DE4225IW-DE head and installed. On the very 1st night extreme storm blew in and water seeped into the POE connector located close to the head. My own fault for having not water proofed better. The result after just 1 night saw the ethernet plug male&female almost melted. The lins were covered in the kind of muck you find after leaving such a connection unprotected to the elements afetr a few years. Tried sanding filing etc and eventually used a 30x magnification loupe to look closely at the inside and it was not salvageable. A quick call to the distributor and its a send back , 6-8 week wait for the harness etc. Not going to happen. I cut off the female and attached a new ethernet plug. The wires on this new model are identical to my POE run ethernet cables.


I used a simple through connector to join the new head connection to the POE supply cable. The camera began its normal start up procedure but the lights on the supplied injector are not like the original display. Originally the orange light was flashing on the injector, now its a solid orange light and the unit is not showing up on SADP. What have i missed? Im wondering if the wiring configuration from the camera head to the old moulded ethernet plug , although identical in colouring, is not wired in the same configuration to the ethernet plug. And guidance would be appreciated.