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Xeoma VMS Surveillance Software


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Hopefully this helps someone out who is looking for a Linux based software solution.
Xeoma is a video management system I recently found that has answered every request I’ve asked of it. Works on Mac, Linux, Windows and I’ve been trying to hunt down an easily configurable and out of the box working surveillance system when I finally found Xeoma. I had literally tried at least 10 programs/solutions, sacrificing the Linux requirement and even trying Windows programs but, they all failed to provide a complete and reliable solution until Xeoma. Xeoma allowed me to remote access without extra charges or monthly service fees, is expandable depending on how many cameras or video inputs I need which is perfect for any future scaling needs. It also supported my cameras since it uses simple protocols found in any IP camera on the market today and I was able to hook up the hodge-podge of cameras I’d collected without issue and all functioning correctly.

The free trial they offer is a definite smart move as you’re allowed unlimited access of all the features for 4 hours to test everything and ensure it matches what you need. As I mentioned earlier I had attempted several other VMS applications and out of all of them, Xeoma was far more intuitive and simple to install, configure, and operate. They have a minimal and simplistic way to program the provided features which is a blessing coming from the typical Linux command line way of doing things or the meaningless and undefinable customization options other VMS provided.

The bottom line is that if you’re considering a Linux video management system for your home or business even, I would highly recommend checking out Xeoma and downloading the trial version to see if it fits your needs. Check them out at http://felenasoft.com/en/